New Family 服务

A Partner for New Parents

Few things change your world more than bringing home your first baby. With so much to learn, not to mention a huge new 24/7 responsibility, it’s good to know Olympic Medical Center’s New Family 服务 department can ease the transition to parenthood.

New Family 服务 offers remote childbirth preparation classes, prenatal and postpartum office visits, breastfeeding consultation and drop-in parent support groups.

劳动 & 交付 

Few events are more precious than the birth of a child. You want to feel safe, comfortable and sure that you’re receiving the highest quality care, while also being able to share this special time with loved ones. At Olympic Medical Center, we understand this and have made sure that our birth center unit lives up to these important expectations. 了解更多

Childbirth education

New Family 服务 offers remote childbirth education classes (six sessions total) covering topics to help parents navigate the birthing experience, their stay at Olympic Medical Center, and the first days and weeks with a new baby. For more information and to register for childbirth education classes, 点击这里.

Olympic Medical Center is taking extra steps to protect our patients, 工作人员, visitors and the community.  To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, childbirth education classes are offered remotely until further notice.  Please call (360) 417-7652 for more information.

Breastfeeding consults

Breastfeeding is a natural activity with many health benefits for babies, but it’s not without challenges for new mothers. Our breastfeeding specialists are all International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and registered nurses. One of these experts will visit you during your stay in the Birth Center to help you get off to a good start. Lactation Consultants offer prenatal lactation visits and also see new moms and babies after they leave the hospital to work on breastfeeding and to provide health-related assessments.

Lactation Consults

For information regarding appointments with certified lactation consultants, please call (360) 417-7652.

Postpartum outpatient visits

You can schedule postpartum clinic follow-up visits, for up to a year or more as needed. This visit is a great opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have about the postpartum period, maternal recovery and new baby care.

Family support

NOTE: Olympic Medical Center is taking extra steps to protect our patients, 工作人员, visitors and the community. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the You and Your New Baby support group is cancelled until further notice.

For parents and new babies who are experiencing the first few days, weeks and year of becoming a family, we usually offer a support group—You and Your New Baby. Each session focuses on the needs of the parents present, but common topics include: newborn behavior, care and feeding; the transition into parenting; and postpartum physical and emotional issues.

Our focus is on infants under three months of age, but families with babies up to one year are welcomed. The program is free, and offers an opportunity to learn about babies and parenting, to weigh and measure your baby, and to meet other new parents. No registration is required.